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Enjoy just €13.90 from our daily menu. It includes an appetizer, two dishes and dessert or glass. A drink and bread service included. Everything you need to taste our cuisine and discover new sensations and flavors.

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A trip for all your senses where some of the best international dishes of different cultures will transport you to another level in a diaphanous and versatile place with spectacular sea views.

Creative Cocktail

Enjoy and be amazed by the creations of our professional bartenders. Our creative cocktails range from the most classic to the avant-garde and the signature cocktails of our bartenders.

Music Club

Imagine a space where music and party is increasing with the course of the night. Without realizing it you will be immersed in the best beach party.

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Dinner and New Year’s Eve Party 2016

We present you the most important dinner of the year in La Fusión: New Year’s Eve Dinner 2016. A complete plan for the last night of the year in which we have organized a dream feast with a unique party. A tasting menu of 7 starters, a main and a dessert that will suppose read more…

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Playa de La Mata (Alicante)

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